MORRIS chairs & ottomans

Showing below are some steps in the making

of this great heirloom chair

Selecting with attention the raw planks

for the project

Shown here is the next step,

the rough cuts selected from the raw planks

mais....qu'est-ce qui apparais ici ??

From the rough cuts, then we start dimensioning them to a

semi-rough size before strengthening and final planing

Detailed “work in progress”

Base dimensions shown here. All chairs are made to suite your specs & needs

Dimension de base du fauteuil. Chaque fauteuil est produit selon vos besoins et critères.

For your “personalized” version or any info, please fill below form, I”ll be pleased to here from you !

Pour mieux savoir comment personnaliser votre futur meuble ou fauteuil, SVP n’hésitez pas me contacter par le formulaire ci-dessous.